Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Glasses, Part II

I picked up my new glasses today. As you may recall, these are "progressives", which is fancy talk for "no-line bifocals". They're taking some getting used to. Not the bifocal part so much, as that's just a factor of +1 and is pretty subtle, but my right eye has been compensating for a weak prescription in my left eye, so things are a bit woogy. I want to say the right prescription is off, but I have to give my eyes time to adjust. No worries, I have 90 days to determine if there's an error there.

Anyway, here's a poor self-portrait in lousy lighting of the new glasses. Bad hair day, sorry! These frames looked pink on the rack, but they just about disappear on my face. Which is cool :) It's -30 out today, and I hadn't taken my parka off yet.

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