Monday, July 21, 2014

Our New Family Calendar

If you have kids you probably have a family calendar. Hubby and I have long used Google Calendar to keep each other informed on what's happening when, and we've a "Boys' Calendar" on it, but I still end up copying it to a paper calendar for quick reference in the kitchen.

When hubby decided he wasn't using his tablet much any more we had a great idea. Start with a tablet computer. Bigger is better for visibility, but if it can get on the web in your home just about anything will do. Next get an appropriately sized plate hanger, which can be found in the picture frame section of craft stores. Be sure to read the size and weight limits! We got the smallest one possible so the springs would be nice and snug.

You may need to modify the bends in the plate hanger to go securely around the edge of the tablet. Hubby did that with some pliers, then wrapped the ends in rubber tape (eventually we will upgrade that to heat-shrink wire wrap).

NOTE:  Please do not judge me by my kitchen. My kitchen is a travesty: covered in ancient, dirty paint, 1970's cupboards, with nail and screw holes everywhere. I have stories. All it really needs is a sledge hammer and a few thousand dollars of love.

We were debating the best way to securely hang the tablet. I favor 3M Command Strips while hubby wanted a nice, secure hollow wall hanger. Almost in unison we looked up at the old phone jack with the wall mount in the kitchen. We don't have a land line, and have discussed removing it and putting a blank wall plate over the hole because it's fugly. The paper calendar actually covered it.

Would you believe I used three different cleaners on that wall before this picture.
I would have settled for a single tone of grunge.

Hang the tablet by the snug and secure plate hanger from the top screw on the phone plate.  Viola!

Google Calendar, set to auto-update over wi-fi and hung where everyone can see it. There's a power receptacle behind the Keurig  This old Xoom's wake-up button is on the back, but because it's hanging from the phone mount it sticks out enough to easily wake it up.

Total cost of purchased new stuff: $1.85 for the plate hanger.
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