Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Use for Duct Tape: Snow Pant Salvage

Growing up it was duct tape, or 100 mile-an-hour tape. It holds the universe together, is the hub of every junk drawer and tool kit, and in a pinch you make boats with it.  A little while back Duck Tape brand came out with duct tape that was not just silver, but a kaleidoscope of fascinating colors and patterns.  And later managed to one-up themselves by marketing Duck Tape sheets that match the rolls.

Every year my kids manage to wear out their snow pants before winter is over. Usually it's at the end of the season, but this year Junior went through his knees in February.  We're going to need those for two more months! Sure, they're on sale everywhere right now, but if we could just patch them they'd be fine. 

Duck Tape to the rescue!  At the beginning of the school year I'd added a stripe down the outside leg seam of the boys' snow pants to help them stand out from every other pair of black snow pants in the school. So I ran out and grabbed one matching Duck Tape sheet.

Worn out snow pants knees! Those sure aren't waterproof any more.

The Duck Tape sheets are roughly 8 x 10"

So I cut them in half (now they are 8 x 5").

Trimmed them a bit and rounded the corners.

Peel off the backing and apply. Make sure the surface is free of dirt and
pet hair.  If you wash them, don't use fabric softener: it makes it harder
for the adhesive to bond to the fabric.

Tah-dah!  Snow pants repaired for about $2.50.
I'd let the patches cure for a day or so before giving them
a tough test outside. 

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