Saturday, February 04, 2012

Coupon Roundup

I 'm cheap and love couponing as a way to stretch my grocery budget.  Here's a roundup of my (current) favorite coupon sources.  Watch for store specials and combine your coupons with sales and store offers for maximum value!

Store Websites:  Up here that's Safeway and Fred Meyer. You have to be a member of their savings club, but that's free and can give you other benefits, like rebates and savings on gas.  Go to the store website to load coupons onto your club cards.  These should automatically be discounted from your total when you buy your groceries.  Remember that e-coupons do not stack with identical paper coupons.

Coupon Clearing House sites:  I recommend that you join MyPoints. They work with,, Coupon Network, and Cellfire, so printing and using those coupons can earn you points toward prizes like gift cards. There's also, which has both paper and e-coupons.

Savings Star:  This one's kinda new.  The idea is you load their coupons onto your store card and instead of getting instant savings you'll get cash back.  You can redeem your savings when you hit a $5 threshhold. So far I've got a whopping $1.20 in my account there. But it's free, so why not?

Manufacturer Websites:  Always hit up your favorite brand's websites and Facebook pages. Putting coupons on Facebook is a big trend now.  You will probably have to sign up on the websites and "Like" the Facebook pages, but I'm finding it quite easy to opt out of their emails.  Here's brand websites I'm frequenting these days:

This isn't a comprehensive list by any means, just where I'm checking these days. I find that often store brands are just as good and cheaper than the big brands, so I just don't clip every coupon I see any more. Hopefully you'll find some good deals and save some money!

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