Thursday, April 21, 2011

Product Review: Orville Redenbacker's Pop Up Bowl

When it comes to popcorn on a budget, I feel that if you're buying kernels to pop on the stove one brand is as good as the next, but there's a real difference in microwave corn.  I personally prefer Orville Redenbacker, who seems to have gotten the whole oil/salt/fake butter ratios right, and whose Pop Smart version can really save you a lot of calories.

So when they came out with these Pop Up Bowls at the same price as their usual, I had to try it.  It just looked nifty.  Yeah, that's right, I'm not reviewing the corn, I'm reviewing the bowl!  Short version:  It works precisely as advertised, is very cool, and it's now my preferred corn.   Long version:

It starts out looking like a standard microwave popcorn bag.

 It pops up nice.  Instead of opening an end, you pull the cellophane off.

And POOF!  It's a bowl!  Just watch your fingers when you open it, it's hot!  
I didn't fluff the corn in this picture, that's just how it looked when I got the top off.

Oh, this would be a good place to mention that this review was neither solicited nor was I compensated for it in anyway. Not that I'd mind some more of this popcorn! 

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Cooking Gallery said...

Now you remind me I haven't had popcorns for ages...! This looks very handy, microwave popcorns inclusive the bowl!

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