Saturday, June 26, 2010

New to Me!

Just a quick blog to show off some more repurposing.  I've never been into refurbishing things, but I found a cute plant stand that really just needed paint and a little repair.  I also ran into a little table that was pretty rusty, but will survive a couple summers on the deck with a coat of paint.  Along the way I learned that Krylon paint is inexpensive and the new sprayer they're all hot about right now really works.  I also learned a couple things about overspray and getting too close with the can, but all in all I've very pleased with my first attempt at a little refurbishing.

This was after the first coat of paint.

The table just got the black paint (it's covered with stuff now, and I'm really looking for something better).  But the plant stand got some color.
The plant stand without and with the Marigolds that Just Won't Bloom

Cost of the whole project:  $7.98 for paint and some time.  So I'll be a little braver, I think, when it comes to fixing stuff up that can be repurposed!

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