Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love Halloween. I used to spend months designing and constructing costumes. Not so much any more, things are just too busy with the boys. Junior is finally old enough to have an idea about Trick or Treating, and to enjoy wearing a costume. Kiddo's been wound up for it all month!

Kiddo settled on a Bakugan costume. Bakugan is a trading card game with creatures that fold up into balls. Very cool, actually. We don't get the show here but he recognized the main character right off. For Junior I saw this very cool Wubbzy costume (a Nick Jr. show), but Walmart wanted $35 for it. Since Wubbzy is basically a big yellow square, I hit up the remnants bin at JoAnn's and made the costume for less than $7.

We've had a lovely long fall. The snow finally hit this week, and while it's staying above zero there's been a bitter wind. Now, back in my day we Trick or Treated in all kinds of temperatures (the first time I really remember it was -30F), but I'm a wimp now so we're looking for alternatives. Last year we went to the malls, and it was just insane. We just stood in long lines for candy; it was boring and noisy, and No Fun.

Local schools to the rescue! Junior's school had a Fall Carnival last night. Classes and clubs had activity booths that cost 25 cents (or you bought tickets) to raise money for field trips and such. We had a great time! This afternoon my old high school is also having a Halloween Carnival, so we're going to that one too. I really like getting more than one wearing out of the costumes.

Here's some pictures from last night.

Required poses with Storm Troopers!

Kiddo climbing the "web". He got way up there!

The whole family. This is an awesome picture, and my prize for the evening.

Coming soon: A review of the Swifter Wet Jet Automatic Mop, and a re-blog of my fruitcake-haters fruitcake.

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