Friday, May 08, 2009

The Hit List

So Junior, three years old, has figured out YouTube. It started by wanting to watch our videos of the kids on his dad's YouTube channel. This linked to various things, all kid friendly. One of the favorites is Manah Manah, popularized by the Muppets.

Interestingly enough, Junior seems to prefer the original, which is from a 1968 movie, "Svezia, inferno e paradiso". Apparently it was the soundtrack to a scene involving a lot of Swedish women in a sauna. I like this one too, although the go-go music in the middle makes me think of Laugh-In.

Also on the hotlist are the Gummi Bear songs. These are the ones that currently have me going crazy, as they've been done in a dozen languages and a million remixes.

Junior and Kiddo will actually get up and try and copy the dances on these.

So how are your kids driving you crazy?

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