Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Busy!

Yeah, that's always my excuse, isn't it? Work's been very busy lately, and since I work online from home, it tends to eat every spare minute I have. See, last week we launched the complete re-do of the EQII ZAM site. Never mind the details, but for the month before that we were pretty much burried in the beta of that site. I'm very pleased with it.

The very next day my boss calls me up and offers me the Senior Content Manager position for our Free Realms site. In addition to my EQII job! Free Realms launches tomorrow, so I went from crunch time right into crunch time. It's a daunting project, but I've got a fantastic team and I'm more tired than stressed.

Needless to say that leaves very little time for blogging or doing anything interesting in the kitchen. But I do have a fast recipe to share.

Kiddo can't have any Red 40 (a USDA approved food color that's been banned in Great Britain and many European nations) because it aggravates his ADHD symptoms. This is a serious bummer, as it takes odd things out of his diet. The other day I was getting all cheesed because he can't have red Jell-o, just yukky flavors like lime. All but a couple flavors of Jell-o have Red 40 in them.

So I got on the net and figured out how to make my own "gelatin desert".

Not Jell-o

It's not Jell-o because that's a trademarked name. But your kids won't know and this is healthier, no added sugar! Be warned, this makes a HUGE bowl.

3 envelopes gelatin (like Knox)
1/2 c cold water
2 c boiling water
2 c cold water or fruit juice
1 12-oz can frozen juice concentrate
4 c fruit - pears, peaches, bananas, etc.

In a 3-quart mixing bowl, soften gelatin in 1/2 c cold water. Pour boiling water over gelatin. Stir until completely dissolved.

Add cold water or juice and frozen concentrate. Add fruit. Let set in refrigerator until firm.

I thawed the frozen juice in the fridge so it was pourable but cold. Like Jell-o, you may want to let it soft-set before you stir in the fruit. The flavor was strong enough that you probably don't need the two cups of cold to be juice.


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