Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Stuff

I suppose "reblogging" is like regifting. Scorned publicly, but everyone does it sometime. My turn! Here's a couple of 'net nuggets I've found.

First, to make up for the severe lack of recipes, here's a wonderful article from our local paper on easy breads with minimal kneading. No excuses: Homemade bread is still worthwhile This caught my eye because my tendinitis has pretty much stopped my bread kneading and I can't afford that KitchenAid mixer yet (and haven't the room for it!).

The next Hubby found. It's a travel piece, Alaska in Winter: See the Northern Lights, from MSN travel. You hear a lot on winter in Alaska, but let's admit it, me complaining about the temperatures doesn't exactly show Alaska's good side. This is a very well done piece and I highly recommend it.

Lastly, something in the humorous-political-gamer-geek department (that's what, four of us??), from missdoomcookie over at SOE. Patch notes. US Democracy Server: Patch Day (version 44.0).

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