Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet Neil Gaiman

I was recently pleased to be pointed to Neil Gaiman's Twitter and Blog. For those not familiar with Twitter, it's a kind of social-networking insta-blog thing. I was following SOE developers on it and got much more into it (see the side panel to the right) when I got my iPod Touch.

If I had to slot Mr. Gaiman's work, I'd call it Magic Realism, to which I was first introduced reading Gabriel García Márqu in college. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember the first Neil Gaiman book I read; it seems he's just always kind of been there in my list of favorites. He's best known for the Sandman graphic novels, and writes a lot of what's often called "Tweener" and "Young Adult" stuff, but I think it was Good Omens where I first found him, which is technically part of the Discworld series. I recall reading Stardust and being absolutely delighted. American Gods: A Novel and Anansi Boys put him firmly in Magic Realism for me.


Mr. Gaiman, Neil (I've never met the man, but it's hard to follow someone's life online and not use their first name!) has been out promoting Coraline (which is pronounced to rhyme with "wine", not "lean"), the movie based on his award winning book. I just saw the trailer on the tube last night, and it looks positively delightful! He's been Twittering all his promotional work for this and it's fun to follow.

This morning in the wee small hours Mr. Gaiman got a phone call: The Graveyard Book was awarded the Newbery Medal!, which is given "to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children."

Quite an honor, Mr. Gaiman!

I invite you to enjoy this author, who has found a home across genres. and is delighting children, adults, and librarians all over the world!

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