Saturday, September 06, 2008


As you can imagine, it's been busy around here. Work and kids, as usual.

Over at Allakhazam things have been hoppin'. I got two new staff members when Kiara was hired at SOE; training took up a fair bit of time. Then in August I got to go to the SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas!

As soon as I got back things were gearing up for Kiddo to start Kindergarten. He's being a little slow to acclimate to it; I've been a little stressed. But he's trying hard and making progress.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all that it's harvest season. Auntie and I managed to get some raspberries put up, and we're freezing what the garden produced this year. It was a poor year for gardens as our hot month as all yukky and rainy, but the peas, broccoli, and carrots did well.

That's the short version! And here's some pictures :)

Junior crashed out after a trip to the Fair.

Kiddo on the computer.

Me and a Borg!

Junior glowering because I wouldn't let him play on my computer.

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