Friday, August 08, 2008

Moms: You're Not Alone!

Sometimes as a Mom you feel like you're nothing but a nag. That you spend your whole day saying no. That you can't get any cooperation to save your life. After a rough week you may start to doubt yourself and your spouse and your kids and the cat...

There have always been some artists and authors who remind us that some parts of Motherhood are universal. I'm thinking Erma Bombeck as I write this.

Yesterday Auntie took the kids and Hubby and I went to the Fair all by ourselves - the first time in six years. It was loverly! We stopped to listen to the Fairbanks chapter of the Sweet Adelines. As we were talking to the ladies after the show one of them mentioned this YouTube video by Anita Renfroe, which Hubby found as soon as we got home, and I think I'll watch regularly to help maintain that even keel.

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