Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

I did a horrible thing. I forgot our anniversary.

Okay, I didn't totally forget. I have been reminding myself for a week and I have a present all picked out and everything. But when I got up today at noon (baby's been doing the late shift) so hubby could grab some sleep (he's been working nights), Hubby handed me a card and a spa gift certificate, and I was just appalled.

I forgot.

I reminded myself every day last week. I've been doing research on what I wanted to get him so I got him just the right thing. And the last two days baby's thrown my sleep schedule all out of whack and work's been nuts and it just slipped my mind.

I feel awful. It's just so classic sit-com. And it's no excuse. I can't imagine how cruddy Hubby must feel.

My marriage is really high on my priority list. We have our issues, every couple does, but my husband is such a wonderful man. Caring, hard working, really smart, and funny to boot. He's very talented, loves his family deeply and wants to do his best by us. Things are getting better all the time, and most of it is due to his perseverance and hard work.

And I blew it 'cause of sleep deprivation. I wonder if I get any credit for admitting it?

So the kids are skipping nap today so I can run down the present I had intended to order online, and hope I can find it local.

No matter how big of a flake I'm being, I love you dear, very much.


Almeric said...

My wife and I got married the day before my parents' anniversary. I'm ETERNALLY petrified of getting the dates mixed up! :(

I hope he forgave you! (I'm sure he did...how could he stay mad at YOU? :)

Hubby & Me said...

He did! It wasn't that I forgot our anniversary, it was more that the day snuck up on me, lol.

My first husband always confused our anniversary with his first wife's birthday. I shoulda known....

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