Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SOE Fan Faire 2007: Aftermath

We've been and come home from Fan Faire. Oh my goodness, what a wild ride! Because it was game oriented, I was blogging it over at Allakhazam. If you're interested, here are those blogs:

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So we get in an hour late because the Seattle Airport is apparently shorthanded and it was an hour and a half wait on the tarmack before we got the baggage loaded. The nice young physical therapy grad student next to me is under the impression it will take about an hour and a half to fly to Fairbanks. I smile, and say, um, no, more like 3 to 4 hours. She pales. We chit chat a bit about Alaska because she and her boyfriend live in Los Angeles and have decided they're much more outdoors people than city people.

I break out the notebook and randomly pick some notes to work on - turns out they're from the Into the Future panel, which was one of my favorites. I begin to beat my notes in to something comprehensible, making notes where I need to listen to my recording for clarification, and munch my five dollar sandwich. Eventually I finish that up and decide a little nap is in order.

Amazingly enough I actually nap.

We land in Fairbanks and Nana is there waiting for us. She goes for the car, we go for the bags. Two come right off. Then we wait. And wait. And wait.... My suitcase apparently got left in Seattle. I wait a half hour in the "Baggage Services" line to start the process.

Finally, we head home. Apparently Kiddo's had a rough time. Not only were we gone for five days, but his preschool teacher was gone last week too. Nana kept him home Friday just because it'd be easier on everyone. But they went to the Fair, where Kiddo apparently spent an hour and a half playing on the Department of Transportation's heavy equipment and asking lots of questions. Never mind the horses, or rides, or anything else, it was all about the construction equipment!

The kids are very glad to see us - baby clings to Hubby and Kiddo climbed up in my lap and stayed there for an hour. Nana and Grandpa J. take off immediately because they have a long drive back to Anchorage.

We're exhausted. We get the kids to bed and I didn't even log into EQ2. I caught up on forums and played Peggle, which is brainless, until I was darn sure the kids were out good and went to bed myself.

Real life happens far too soon. I can't wait until next year!

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