Sunday, July 29, 2007

SOE Fan Faire 2007 - Preparation

T minus, um, two and a half days before I get on a plane to Las Vegas for Sony Online Entertainment's 2007 Fan Faire!! I'm so busy I can hardly see straight. My stress level is up a wee bit.

I get travel anxiety. It's not the travel, per se, but all the 65,908,123,345 things I have to do to get ready. The kids take the front line here, of course. As I mentioned, my Mom and her husband are coming up to watch them. Can you imagine volunteering to stay with a 4 year old and a 16 month old for five days straight? My Mom's the best! (And Grandpa J's pretty darn cool too!)

Anyway, Mom coming to stay in my house is a great reason to go nuts giving the house a good cleaning. At least I think so, Hubby may disagree. I think he's gonna tranquilize me soon. I told my Mom that regardless of what it looked like when she got here, the house was clean this weekend!

Yesterday's adventure started as the simple chores of cleaning the bathrooms and mopping all the floors. I take the laundry room, hubby takes the upstairs bathroom and I plan on hitting the kitchen floor in the process, 'cause with the boys I can't keep that floor clean to save my life.

Well, first off I needed a new broom 'cause when hubby cleaned his grill I handed him my kitchen broom to sweep all the carbon, char, and grease up. Big mistake. So I go out to get a broom.

It took me THREE STORES to find a good, old fashioned corn straw broom. I hate the plastic ones, they don't do a good job.

So I get my broom get home, and find most my floor-mopping time (the kids' naptime) has been eaten up by my errands, so I'm kind of in a hurry if I want them dry before the stampede starts. The new broom works great! No problem. But I have to clear and load the dishwasher to find the sink to mop. Quickly accomplished! I get out the mop, have my sink full of nice hot water, and get ready...

And halfway through the first stroke the mechanism which holds the mop head on breaks. I had some choice expletives, yeah. So I had to run out and get a new mop.

Oh, everything got done. Our bathrooms sparkle and for at least 15 minutes you could eat off my kitchen floor. But dang, three hours and two trips to the store to mop my floors?


I'm going to go pack my suitcases. Two and a half days early!

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