Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

So, did everyone make resolutions?

I never make resolutions, because when I do I always break them. However, this is the year I will quit smoking forever.

The effort started well. As a nursing mom physicians will not recommend any kind of stop-smoking aid, but research reveals that nicotine gum has yet to be shown to have any side effects more adverse than actually smoking (when used properly, that is). So I got some gum.

It actually works quite well. My problem with quitting smoking is 90% psychological, I think. I can put off a cigarette easily by telling myself I have the gum, I don't need to smoke. The problem is, all my "triggers" have changed since the last time I tried to quit.

This is awful - stepping outside is a trigger. A really big one. And I should have thought of that, because since Kiddo was born I do not smoke in the house or car.

There I am, the first day quitting, doing well, and I get ready to start Hubby's car for him (we're having below zero temps right now, cars like to warm up).... and realise that if I step out side I'm going to smoke or freak out trying not to.

Needless to say I slipped and smoked eventually.

Okay, I think. That's okay, it's hard, let's start again.

Slipped again.


Right now I'm trying to, well, out-psych myself. I have got to figure a way around this trigger, a way to start deprogramming it. I'm still working on that. Meanwhile I've cut my smoking in half, and set a new quit date.

Wish me luck!


Xadius said...

As an ex-smoker I can relate. There are all kinds of triggers for me as well. As of date, I have not smoked since April of last year. I've quit off and on for the last 20 years many times, but have made up my mind that this time is the last until I got very old and then I'm going to smoke all I want.

I know what works for some won't work for others. I used the patches to quit and that seemed to work quite well for me.

Anonymous said...

Try this... get a pen lid with a hole in it (most have them these days). Everytime that urge hits, get out the pen lid and 'smoke' it. It does work if your cravings are psychological or habit rather than physiological. 15 days so far after 12 years of 30 a day. And it gets easier. Good luck :)

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