Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Product Review: FUN da-middles

I love trying new stuff. Last year when I first saw FUN da-middles in the store I waited for a coupon and bought a box to try.  And then it sat on the shelf until the kids and I were going to drive each other crazy over Christmas break.

FUN da-middles are filled cupcakes, done without the mess of a piping bag. The box comes with cake mix and a filling packet.  You'll need cupcake paper liners, eggs, and oil.  You make the cake, fill the cupcake cups 1/3 full, add some filling, then cover it up.  Bake according to directions.

And they taste delicious!  The cake is moist and tasty and the chocolate filling is fudgy.  They do not taste like Hostess or Little Debbie Cakes, they're yummier and less sugar-ful.  The only issue I have is that Better Crocker is a little over-excited about them in their press.

The baking process is as easy as they say, but because the batter must be placed with precision and the filling must be covered completely it's not the best project to have a five-year-old help on.  If any of the filling leaks out you're going to have a horrific, burnt on mess.  Also, one of their ads says "Out of the oven and DONE!"

This implies that you can eat them right out of the oven, which is completely untrue.  The instructions warn you that the filling is very hot, and you cannot even remove them from the cupcake pan to cool for 20 minutes.  I suspect to try and eat them hot would invite severe burns.

So my one-line review is:  Great product, with slightly over-enthusiastic press. Pick some up if you're looking for a treat.

He's not bored with it, really, it's the only pic he wasn't giggling and blurry in!

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AikoVenus said...

I like the idea - a lot less messier than cutting the cupcake in half and inserting frosting. ^^

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