Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product Review: Open Nature Ice Cream

Safeway has a new 100% natural product line, Open Nature.  I'm a fan of probably 95% of Safeway's house brands, so when I got a coupon for free Open Nature Ice Cream (no restrictions), I was open to giving it a try. That, and it's free ice cream, duh.

This is the bit where I mention that this is an unsolicited review.  I got the coupon through a freebie-spotting site and while I got free ice cream, no one has asked me to review it.

The ice cream comes in the standard not-quite-a-half gallon container, and is found near the super-premium ice creams like Breyers.  Here the price point was $4.49; for the life of me I cannot remember if that's regular price or ad price, but it's in the pocket for super-premium ice cream on sale.  There were a half-dozen or so flavors including the classic three, but I picked the Cherry Vanilla to take home.

No artificial colors or flavors; no unpronounceable ingredients (although I had to look up "carrageenan").  No corn syrup, no hormone treated cows, no alkalized cocoa.  The artificial colors thing is my main concern; we never get strawberry or cherry ice cream because of the Red40.

Oh, yum.  This is some good ice cream.  I think it misses super-premium by a half a point of creaminess (it's not as creamy as Dreyer's Slow Churned, for example) but it's definitely top shelf.  The vanilla is lovely, and the cherries are big and red and scrumptious.

So, the review:  Open Nature ice cream is definitely worth the premium price.  It's nice to have a natural product that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  It's rich, creamy and very yummy.  I will definitely try the other flavors.


Anonymous said...

The Mom who commented on Open Nature ice cream, "Oh, yum. This is some good ice cream. I think it misses super-premium by a half a point of creaminess (it's not as creamy as Dreyer's Slow Churned, for example)" might be interested to know that it's usually the addition of carageenan, glucose or corn syrup that gives it a gooier viscosity the marketers call "extra creamy!" None of these additives is good for you or necessary for a yummy ice cream!

Anonymous said...

I think Dreyers has lost itself. I used to love their slow churned, but it has now gone the way of ice milk, not ice cream. It's not as creamy, and it's rather bland tasting. I usually do not shop at Safeway, but I was there a couple of weeks ago and I'm always interested in checking out a new coffee flavored ice cream. Open Nature's coffee ice cream was far better than Dreyers Slow Churned.

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