Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

Just a quick reminder that, when shopping for your household staples, bigger is not necessarily better.  I took these pictures at Walmart this morning.
Eggs at Walmart on November 30, 2010

One the left we have one dozen eggs from Olympia Valley for $1.88.  On the right we have 18 eggs from the same company for $6.22.  Wait, what?  The dozen egg pack works to 15.667 cents each, and is about the normal low price for our area (usually only found at Sam's Club or with a coupon deal).  The 18 pack is 34.556 cents per egg, and I can get 5 dozen eggs at Sam's Club for less than that.

A closer examination of the shelf tags reveals that Walmart is unhelpful.  The price per unit is in the orange box on the upper left of the tag.  One is per 100 eggs, the other is per package. 

The moral:  Do the math before you buy.  Work out the price per unit yourself if the units don't match on the tags for like items.

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