Monday, August 16, 2010

Mission: Socks for All!

I've been putting it off until the school sales were in full swing, but it was time.  Everyone needed socks.  Our Fred Meyer rewards came in and I knew they were having hot before-school sales, so I hit their website looking for deals.  Fred Meyer has joined the growing list of companies who have given up and now allow you to print their newspaper coupons online.  So here's what I started with:

After reading carefully to make sure they all stacked together, we headed out.  Along the way I also grabbed a buy-two-get-one coupon on kids socks and underthings.

There were great deals on socks for everyone but women.  Seriously, we need socks as much as the men and kids!  So I didn't take advantage of a buy-two-get-one on adult socks, as the prices on women's socks were "normal" instead of cheap.  Hubby got a 6-pack, Kiddo got a 6-pack, Junior got two 6-packs as he was down to about three pair of socks, and I got one three pack that at least had a 25% off coupon.  Total retail price:  $55.  My total cost for all those socks?  $27.35.  The discounts really piled up (the receipt total savings is skewed because I also used a buy-one-get-one on vitamins).   It was fun to watch a $75 balance go down to $49 with coupons!

The moral of the story is know when things that you're going to need are seasonal, 'cause that's when they're cheap.   Another good deal right now is Old Navy, which has kids' jeans and other basics on a $10 sale.

Hurry!  These deals all end soon, the 19th I think!

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