Friday, June 04, 2010

You say Toh-may-toe!

Sis and I have decided that this is the last year we muck about with seriously growing tomatoes in the garden.  They cost about $4 each at the greenhouse, and we're just not entirely happy with our home-started tomatoes.  We got past the spindly issue this year with good lighting, but they didn't temper and took forever to acclimate to the garden when we transplanted.  Since the idea is to save money with the garden, we're going to use that space for more reliable, freezable crops.  I wasn't enjoying peeling and canning tomatoes anyway.

So naturally my friend Feldon (who also is the voice of EQ2 Wire), just published his definitive Tomato Seed Staring Guide on the South East Texas Tomato Festival site.  This is a great guide for most folks; us Alaskans would have to keep them indoors much longer and follow a different timeline when it comes to dates.  In the Interior of Alaska where I'm at you'd start your seeds indoors in mid-April, and not plant them outside until Memorial Day at the very earliest.  Feldon's advice is very sound, and I've always enjoyed his writing (even when we hopelessly disagree with each other).

We might even try tomatoes again next year!

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