Monday, May 10, 2010


I didn't realize how long it'd been since I blogged. And then I was like, "Whoa, what was I so busy with?" Well, kids, of course, and since Hubby is going to UAF part time and working full time I'm on my own a lot. And work, yeah, since February it's been really busy over at work. But that was all true last semester, so what's different?

It struck me while watching SNL this last weekend. It's all Facebook and Twitter's fault. Betty White hosted SNL (at 88 1/2!!). Here's her monologue:

She's right. Facebook and Twitter are great, but they suck up an awful lot of my free time. I'm already on the internet a lot more than the average person 'cause I work online, and those social media sites are just too accessible.

I find myself posting more and more about less and less, until I'm randomly tweeting/fbing pretty much nothing at all. I miss the more substantial communication in blogging, even if my audience is smaller.

So I'm taking a break. Oh, I'm sure I'll still used Bejeweled Blitz to take a short break, but I'm going to limit myself to checking my media once a day. There are just other things I'd rather be doing. Like making muffins, Banana-Cherry today! School ends this week, and I'd rather take the kids to Grandpa's to weed the garden than sit here waiting to see if anyone finished my Family Feud game for me!

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