Friday, May 21, 2010

More Quick Deals

It pays to keep track of prices at your local stores.  Here's two great budget savers at our local Sam's Club:

Eggs:  I thought they were low-prices last time!  Today a carton of five dozen eggs was $3.86.  That's 77 cents a dozen!  For comparison, the best price in Fairbanks right now is one dozen large eggs, 3/$5.  Regular price has been running between $2.39 and $2.89 per dozen locally.

Veggies:  My sister pointed me to this deal.  Sam's has a four pound vegetable tray for $9.98.  It's a very nice variety, and no one said you couldn't use them in cooking. The dip's pretty good too.   For comparison, if you swung by a salad bar for some veggie munchies, you'd pay $5.99 a pound. 

I was actually considering letting our Sam's Club membership lapse, as we never buy big stuff there and that's where the major savings are.  But at these prices the eggs along will pay for the membership in a couple months.

In a completely unrelated note, the kids and I took a drive and saw a moose.  It's either a cow or a very hungry yearling.   

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