Sunday, October 04, 2009

Product Review: Wonder Hanger

Here's another "as seen on t.v." item that I ran across at Fred Meyer. I picked up a box to see if they could alleviate our packed closet issues.

The box comes with the parts for eight Wonder Hangers. They are ridiculously easy to assemble as long as you remember to get the hanging hooks going the same direction. The parts are hard plastic, which made me immediately skeptical. My experience with plastic hooks of this type (often used for cheap closet organizers) is that unlike the plastic used for tubular hangers, it doesn't keep its shape and will eventually stop being a hook.

The instructions specify not to load them with more than 20 pounds, which made them useless for our biggest closet issue: tons of jackets and coats for a variety of seasons. They say "great for purses and belts", so I loaded one up with my miscellaneous bags, and another with windbeakers and hoodies. They work just like the video shows:

Okay, so far so good. I used them for some summer blouses and some of hubby's concert t-shirts. So they worked, but I was concerned about the quality of the hooks so I held this blog for a bit.

I took the above pictures on September 9. I went back to look at the two I hung in the coat closet on October 3. This is what I saw:

See the stretched hook on the left? Its barely hanging on the bar. Neither of the Wonder Hangers were loaded with really heavy stuff, although some of it is bulky. I bet if I weighed the contents the one on the left would have just broken 20 pounds.

Final Review: Meh. I suppose if you're a serious clothes horse and really lacking in closet space these would be handy for your lighter stuff. If you're looking for a permanent storage solution for a lot of items this probably isn't for you. I wouldn't spend my money on them; I'll just keep packing up and storing seasonal stuff at the end of summer and winter to make space rather than wonder if all my stuff has slipped off the bar and ended up in a pile on the floor.

Ignore this, I'm trying something...

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