Friday, August 07, 2009

Random Recipes

I was poking around my web browser and ran across a bookmark folder called Cooking. I haven't peeked in here in a very long time! Since I always turn to the internet when I want new recipes or food information, I thought it'd be fun to explore what I have bookmarked. has a great page on reducing the sugar and fat in your baking. You sure don't have to be fighting blood sugar issues to use these tips! My biggest success was my Chocolate Zucchini Bread recipe, which I've taken from a sugary fatty recipe to one that I'll make for my kids regularly.

Oh goodness, here's the original link for my Very Best Rice Pudding Recipe at! Haven't made that in a while. It makes a wonderful creamy rice pudding without resorting to a box pudding.

Doubble Crust Chicken Pot Pie at This is a "cheater" recipe, because it uses prefab pie crust and cream of chicken soup, but it's awesome for "easy," "fast" and "tasty". I keep the link for cooking times.

Pretso's Recipe Page. Presto makes kitchen appliances, like deep fryers and pressure cookers. This link is handy when you're wanting to use your kitchen toys, I mean tools in a new way.

Baby Center's Recipe Page. I don't go here much any more, but if you need ideas for kids' lunches or kid friendly dinners. this is an awesome resource.

Grilled Potato Strips at I'm not sure we've ever tried this recipe, but it looks awesome, so I'm keeping the bookmark. Hubby won't mind a new grill toy!

When I was making bread all the time I considered working with sourdough. Here's two pages about making your own starter: Mark Shepard's and Sourdough Home's.

My friend Ashbury's Eggplant Recipe Database. Ash is a vegan who always gives me great recipe ideas, and obviously has a fondness for eggplant!

The World's Healthiest Foods. I ran across this website looking up nutrition benefits, of what I don't recall any more. Whether you want food trivia, recipes, or want to change your eating habits, this is a great site.

Mr. Breakfast has awesome breakfast recipes, including this one for Whole Wheat Waffles. I was having a hard time with whole wheat waffles, they just weren't tasty. These came out great!

Peanutty Squares. This is from the "What to do with all this cereal" phase when we had three people on WIC. I approve of making "junky" snacks from cereal. It's at least full of whole grains and is fortified!

Scratch Coconut Cream Pie. I'm not sure I ever made this one. I love puddings and cream pies, ubt hate resorting to a box of pudding. This recipe from All Recipes got good reviews.

Beef Stew in Bisquit Cups. Do you subscribe to the Pilsbery news letter? You should! Sure, they want everything done with their brands, but it's chock full of good ideas. I'm saving this recipe for the next time I make stew.

What are some of your favorite recipe resources?


Anonymous said...

The English purist in me is having screaming fits over even the suggestion that one might include US "pudding" in rice pudding! O.o American pudding is a totally different thing from English pudding and that sounds completely disgusting ... I hope nobody really does this and thinks it's real rice pudding!!

My recipe for rice pudding is even simpler, if you ever want to try it: 3 tbs rice, 1 tbs sugar, 2 cups milk (preferably whole milk, but definitely not fat free), pinch of salt, some grated nutmeg optional. Rinse the rice first. Cook at 300F for 2-3 hours, stirring a couple of times during the first hour.

I regularly read "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" blog but have only tried one recipe so far. It always looks so delicious ... and so bad for a diet!

The Men Fishin' said...

British puddings are definitely different than American puddings! This rice pudding is a "creamy pudding", more like a custard in consistency. I prefer it to the traditional British rice pudding (which is also very good.

When I was a tween I made a plum pudding with hard sauce for Christmas dinner. It's more a cake than what I'd call a pudding, but was very good.

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