Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Books in my Pile

I spend a fair amount of time at the local used book store, Gulliver's Books. Where coincidentally, Auntie runs the cafe. Between used book credit for books I bring in and the free coffee pot, it can be a very nice, inexpensive place to escape for an hour or so. Very relaxing.

What I end up with, though, is a huge pile of books to get through. Bludwyng, the Allakhazam Wikibase Administrator, was recommending E.R. Eddisonto me after a discussion on commas being over done, and it occurred to me that I've got an eclectic selection right now.

First is Daniel Defoe, which is how we got from commas to books. Defoe is credited with inventing the modern novel. I read Moll Flandersin college, but he's best known for Robinson Crusoe. To get to the adventure you have to endure 300 word paragraphs that are only two sentences, all commas and semicolons. By the way, the Crusoe television series bears little resemblance to the book, except there's a guy named Crusoe and a guy named Friday on an island. A disappointment.

Next is Stone and the Maiden. I have no background on this one, it just looked good.

Then a biography, John Adams: Party of One. I read Abagail Adams' biography not too long ago, and I thought it'd be interesting to read the "other half's" perspective. Mrs. Adams biography was written from her personal papers, and it was very interesting to see my country's birth through the eyes of someone who was right there, enduring all the change.

Here's A Companion to Wolves. I adore Elizabeth Bear, there's nothing she's written that I haven't enjoyed. Elizabeth Monette is new to me.

Next, another one from the biography section, Running with Scissors. It comes higly recommended, and looks like a good read.

There's quite a few more, but that's a long enough blog for today! What do you like to read?

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