Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In the last two days Kiddo's been to the dentist and eye doctor. I'm terribly pleased that he has no cavities and does not need glasses. Also, when he was very little his eyes tended to drift inward - not cross eyed, but not totally straight - and while they still do that just a little, it's much improved.

While we were at the optometrist I also had them adjust my glasses - again - and change the nose pads to smaller ones. I think we might be getting close to these being comfortable. They just aren't to "forget you're wearing them" yet.

Hubby went to the dentist for a cleaning/follow-up too, and his mouth is much happier that it was when all that started. All that work we paid for last year is paying off, looks like he'll have his own teeth a long, long time.

The kids still have Denali Kid Care (and I'll say it again, Denali Kid Care is the only good thing about being broke), but for once we have decent insurance and we were sure to buy the Vision and Dental. I still haven't seen a bill for my glasses, and I'm afraid to ask since my best estimates say $500 out of pocket. But our dental has a $50 deductible, $2000 maximum, and covers your regular exams 100%, so I've really no excuse any more. Grandpa even volunteered to babysit.

So while Kiddo was in I made an appointment. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen a dentist since my last husband needed his wisdom teeth out, and that was before 1996. At the time it'd been probably eight years since I'd been in, and the hygienist told me that if that's all I had after eight years, I probably only needed to come in once a year, not twice.

Of course, that was at least 13 years ago. I have no pain or sensitivity anywhere, so here's hoping all I need is a couple of descalings (the intense cleanings they have to do for folks like me).

Random Kid Stuff

The kids love The Upside Down Show. It was a one-season kids show produced in Australia in conjunction with the Childrens' Television Network. I wish there were lots more of them, it's just da' bomb!

Here's a clip of some random Upside Down Show nuttiness. The Happy Fly Ditty sees a lot of action around here:

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UUhhhhh. You're not so bad. I haven't been since high school.....I wont tell you how long.....


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