Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Pictures

I'm one of those who takes lots of pictures and never does anything with them, so I'm trying very hard to share them!

Hubby got me (among other things) a bag of SpecialDark Kisses for Valentine's Day. I made peanut butter cookies and pressed on into each cookie.

I got brave enough to let the boys finger paint! A while back Michael's had washable tempura for $1 a bottle. The sponge shapes were a WalMart special.

Junior wanted a picture of Sebastian, whom he affectionately calls "Hey Cat!"

Kid-in-the-Box! Junior had the tummy yuk this day, and about 15 minutes later lay down right by the boxes and crashed out.

Some bad phone pics.
Playing at the McDonald's Play Place. Kiddo's the one facing the camera.

Slam Dunk!

Playing at Grandpa's.

King of the Mountian! We build a little snow hill every year.

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