Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer is here!

The area is slowly greening up. We're finally staying above 40 at night and tonight we're getting our first real, non-teasing rain.

Exciting times... Kiddo lost his first tooth and had his first dentist visit. We're on an aggressive anti-binky program with Baby and his language skills went from scarily behind to catching up darn quick. Auntie and I have the garden 98% planted, including the Great Pepper Experiment.

Here's some pictures! (Garden pictures coming soon!)

Frolicking on the day we got the grill out.

Kiddo's first gap-toothed smile. The tooth fairy left him a gold dollar!

Kiddo and Grandpa building modern art that will support the sweet peas. Last year they got six feet tall!

Our neighbor gave us a little bity playset that's just the right size for Baby.

First dentist visit. Kiddo did great, and no tooth decay!

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