Thursday, May 01, 2008

Auntie's Home!

Auntie left home 100,000 years ago (okay, only 21) to pursue a career in dance. She did great, too, becoming a member of Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago and also dancing in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Chicago as a Radio City Rockette for several years. Look, I found video! Auntie is the tall blonde with short hair who comes on around 00:42.

Anyway, when Auntie's body said it had enough of dance, she retired and stayed in Chicago a while but just decided last month she'd had enough and declared she was coming back to Alaska. So she packed up, Grandpa flew down to help with the driving, and they hit the road. 7 days, 3700 miles, 75 hours of driving and $1800 worth of gas later, she's home.

For your enjoyment, we have the obligatory "We survived the Alcan Highway" pictures. Enjoy!

The Official Alcan Cat, quality testing the packing boxes.

Getting ready to hit the road.

Caribou! The original Alaskan Roadblock!

Stone Sheep.


Straddling the Alaska-Canada Border.

Almost home!

Auntie almost didn't get this one, a second later it slipped behind a spruce tree.

Home! This is the next morning, when it snowed a couple inches over night.

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