Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Letters to Santa

Kiddo has started to notice the Santa myth. Yay! I love Santa. I've believed in Santa ever since I asked Mom if he was real and she said something to the effect of:

"If you mean a fat man in a red suit who lives at the North Pole and hand-delivers presents every Christmas, no. If you mean the spirit of giving and kindness in everyone, absolutely."

So a couple weeks ago we saw a mall Santa and Kiddo asked for "a present". Step one, he's gathered that Santa brings presents! Then this week in Walmart he saw a little toy camera. This thing is a $2, disposable stocking stuffer that makes the camera shutter sound, but he really wants it. I told him he could ask Santa.

Three times a day he's asking to tell Santa. It turns out he remembers driving to North Pole (yes, a real place!) to the Santa Claus House (also a real place! They have the best Santa and Mrs. Claus ever) to see Santa last year. But we can't go until Saturday, so I mention writing a letter.

Friday he brings up the letter. "I'll write Santa LOTS of letters!" Turns out he meant it literally, there's a G and a t, an M and an e! Also note the present and his name so Santa knows who it's from. Kiddo writes letters from the bottom up.

Then we put it in an envelope and he put a stamp on it and mailed it.

I figure I've only got a few years to enjoy the kids enjoying the myth of Christmas. So I ran out to Walmart in the middle of the night and got the camera.

Christmas is almost here, and I just can't wait!

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