Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Life never stops, does it. We've been really busy: Kiddo has new pre-school teachers who are just wonderful (and have taken some stress off my mind), Hubby's been working a lot and attempting to get a moose in his spare time (no luck there, alas), the garden is still producing, and my job over at Allakhazam has been busy as we are gearing up for a new EQ2 expansion that's releasing this November.

The result: nothing new to read on my blog. I've actually had a couple of good ideas, but they seem to develop about halfway and fizzle out. Or maybe I fizzle out.

Usually I'd cheap our and give you family pics. I'll save that for next week when I haven't blogged again, lol. Today I bring you:

Stuff on My Desk

This is an old book but still fun. It's one of several I picked up free-fer-nothing lately. Lots of neat trivia. Like "What does the "CAR-RT SORT" on mail mean? And "Why does the US Mint use UPS instead of the USPS?" It's also done in short blerbs so I can put it down fast.

Kazoos! A half-dozen kazoos for a couple of dollars, with drums improvised from the kitchen cupboards, and you have an instant marching band!

Good English, Book Two: The Elements of Composision; Canby and Opdycke, 1930. I found this book at the transfer site, and grabbed it for novelty value. What's interesting isn't necessarily the book, but an essay in it from 1941 about heroism. And some algebra scratch paper! Something never change!

Coffee! Rarely is there not coffee on my desk. Okay, not the whole can, that's in the freezer, but a cooling cup of Folgers with cream and sugar.

An Antiquated Laptop. My HP Pavilion ze 1210, given to my by a friend for use at Fan Faire. It's got some mystery driver issue that causes it to take several Blues Screens of Death before it boots up, but it's fine for net surfing. I've been researching for Allakhazam on the Test server, and sometimes it's handiest to have the game running on my mail computer and do data entry on the fly from the laptop. Especially on multi-part quests.

About time to put all the fans up for the winter. This little column fan works really well, wasn't expensive (Wal-Mart had a better price than shown here) and moves around the house well. These days I turn it on and the kids make it blow their pinwheels.

Yeah, I've got the pinwheels too!

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Hubby & Me said...

Yeah, I know, I've got typos everywhere. Unfortunately the edit function is acting up, so you'll have to just chuckle at them!

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