Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry it's been it bit. It's summer in Alaska and we try to spend as little time indoors as possible, 'cause we just get stuck here come winter.

It's being kind of an odd summer. We had a very long dry spring and now that it's June we're getting thunderstorms every day. For the record, thunderstorms aren't a common occurrence here, but we seem to be having one every day. At least all that raid took the fire index down, we had so little snow over the winter and no rain in spring, and the fire index was at "Don't even think about flicking your Bic!" before the rain finally showed up.

Anyway, we're spending a lot of time in Grandpa's yard. The garden is in, of course, and Grandpa has added a wading pool and sandbox to the kid entertainment. Baby is walking and exploring and even trying to play ball with his brother. Kiddo is all about the sandbox and getting wet. I've taken to just packing a picnic after naps and we hang over there until bed time.

So, here's some pictures. Family first! Garden in a later blog.

Grandpa's neighbors gave us this lovely horsie.
It's about 30 years old, ain't it great?

Baby discovered that things with wheels move.

Baby chillin' on Grandpa's porch - this was Tuesday.

Hubby and Kiddo having fun.

About 20 seconds later... Splashdown!

Grandpa comes out to play.

Kiddo's starting to get the hang of pedaling.

All wore out... but not to tired to finish off the picnic!

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