Friday, April 27, 2007

Random Musings

Here's some idle thoughts that have wandered through my mind lately. Enjoy!

  • Caesar Salad Dressing has anchovies in it.

  • Do you know most lotions have alcohol in them? For dry skin, use a thick cream, not a lotion.

  • A pat of butter in your jam while cooking will reduce foam.

  • You can rip your fabric softener sheets in thirds and never notice the difference in your laundry. Unless you're into smelling like Fresh Spring Breezes.

  • Basil and tomatoes grow well together. Plant all your Italian-style herbs between your tomato plants.

  • Tomatoes also grow extremely well upside down. You could plant tomatoes on the bottom and your herbs on top!

  • There's a joint pain relief product called Blue-Emu. It's made with Emu oil. From real Emus. Many Really Famous Women have sworn by it for stretch marks (I prefer cocoa butter).

  • Why is it all the books I really want are either out of print, not yet released, or only available in a $40 hardback?

  • Retaining water? The very best thing you can do is drink more water. No, really! Your kidneys are like an old water pump, they need water to process the liquids you are retaining.

  • Not a Gimmick: Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. We have an old fiberglass shower/tub that's really hard to keep clean. This thing works.

  • Cheap Rainy Day Kid Fun: Save empty grocery containers, like cereal boxes, egg cartons, milk cartons (clean them of course!) and let your kids play kitchen, cook, or baker. Boxes make good blocks, too.

  • An adult triceretops horn is longer than the average two year old is tall.
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    Anonymous said...

    It's nice to know that random information retention runs in the family. :)


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