Thursday, December 07, 2006

Last Minute Christmas Gifts, Part 1

I think I've finally gotten over my last-minute Christmas shopping habit. Of course, I mailed a little late to send Parcel Post (but I did anyway, so hopefuly everything makes it by Christmas), but over all I'm much more well prepared for Christmas than I have been in the past.

This year I get the first-time experience of staying up Christmas Eve and assembling and wrapping the kids' gifts. Fortunately, I don't think Kiddo is quite old enough to wake up at 5am all excited about Christmas yet!

Anyway, I am a little stuck on gifts for two people, so I thought I'd toss out some ideas for last-minute gifts over the next few blogs.

Gift certificates or gift cards are something I always thought was neat. Daddy used to get them for my sister and I when we were pre-teens and he really had no idea what to get us. From our point of view we got a mega shopping trip on Dad. Marvelous!

Here's some of my current favorite Internet sources for gift certificates. If you're shopping for someone far away from you, these are handy since it's starting to get late to mail. my goodness, if you can't find something to buy at Amazon, something's amiss!

Napster: if someone in your life is into music, especially digital music, this is a great idea. At the moment they have a promotion letting you buy a few month's subscription and get (or give) a free MP3 player.

Kodak Personalized Gifts: there's a lot of places to get personalized gifts out there, but I am very impressed with Kodak's quality and service. I originally signed up for the service to take advantage of a beverage promotion's free points, and find myself using it a lot. A side benefit: you can upload digital pictures for processing and they will mail them to you.

MyPoints: This one is too late for this year, but MyPoints is one of those read-ads-get-points programs. You can also earn points by shopping through their portal. I joined them way back then they were BonusMail, and I used to spend the points on Alaska Airlines Miles. Now I use them to earn points and get free gift cards to just about anywhere.

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