Sunday, November 19, 2006

Everyday Stuff

In the news:

Sam's Club took back the case of Pull-Ups I never had to open for Kiddo, even without a receipt. Hooray for generous return policies! He got to pick out a Diego video as a reward.

Kiddo's favorite things right now are the "Elmo Snow Video" and the "Jungle Man One", which are Elmo's World: Happy Holidays and Disney's animated Tarzan. I think I'm seeing Tarzan about 3 times a day. Kiddo is working very hard to learn to play with the baby, and I think we're getting though to him that baby can't roughhouse. Kiddo's also having a phase of being beliigerant with me. It's funny, his daycare grandma says "He's just a joy, he's so well behaved!" and I bring him home and everything is "No" and "I can't do [whatever]! I've taken some hints from Supernanny for handling this. By the way, I do recommend her book. She takes her ten prinicples and applies them to all kinds of kid situations. I think they're helping me be consistant with Kiddo, which is important.

Baby actually slept seven hours straight Saturday night. Those with babies will understand my glee: to pediatricians, "sleeping through" means about four hours. It might not be a trend yet, but we're getting there. It'd be nice to be able to (usually) sleep without interruptions.

Baby is also babbling, and while I know parents are always biased about this stuff, we're pretty certain he's got "Mama" and "Dada" sounds. He cut his third tooth, and the fourth looks like its on its way too. He's discovered the fine art of "texturing": taking a bite and smushing it back out through pursed lips 'cause it feels neat.

I bought the turkey for Thanksgiving, and I'm watching out for last-minute price deals so we can put a couple of extra birds in the freezer to keep the moose company. When you're on a budget, this is a great time of year to stock up on whole meats. 99 cent a pound turkey is a good price. Shoot, any meat at under a dollar a pound is a deal these days.

Grandpa (that's my dad) will come over for Thanksgiving, and since we no longer have full cable I've given a Kitchen Pass for the men to abandon me after (or maybe before) we eat and go watch football. Who's bright idea was it to put football only on pay cable? I may never hear the end of that one. How on earth are Grandpa and Hubby supposed to hook the kids hopelessly on this sport if they have to go watch it in a bar?

Let's see... oh, I bought a real roasting pan. I know, that sounds pretty mundane, but its kind of a big deal for me! I've made do for ages with a broiler pan and a cheap meat rack, and I swore this year when I saw a large one at a decent price I was going to get it. Oddly enough, using a large roasting pan as directed also makes baking Chex Mix easier. Don't know where the heck I'm going to store it, but daggone it, I got my stainless steel 12 quart roasting pan!

Okay, I know, it doesn't take much to tickle me. That's okay, 'cause I'm too tickled to care that it's a little silly.

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