Thursday, September 28, 2006

Baby Things You Can Live Without

It's real tempting when you have a new baby to buy, well, everything. There's so much neat stuff out there, and you want your baby to have the best. But the fact is that a lot of it is just unnecessary and your money is best spent elsewhere.

Wipie Warmer
Recommended so the shock of a cold wipe doesn't startle or wake your baby, I think it's kind of silly. Holding the wipe for a minute in your hand will warm it, or you can use a washcloth dampened with warm water (messy, but recommended with diaper rash).

Fancy Feeding Systems
You need a bowl and a padded spoon so baby won't hurt his mouth. Nothing more.

A Baby Swing
Baby swings are nice, but if money's tight, skip it. Because of weight restrictions your baby will outgrow it very quickly.

Fancy Baby Outfits
Baby will spend most of his time sleeping, and you'll spend most of your time feeding him and changing his diaper. One piece creepers, jammies, or gowns are easier to work with, less expensive, and look just as cute in a picture.

Swaddling helps your newborn be soothed by wrapping them up tight. Remember, they've been packed into a womb for 9 months, it's comforting. While this is a neat design and a cool idea, any nurse can show you how to swaddle your baby in a blanket.

Coming soon: Baby things that seem unnecessary but that I wouldn't live without.

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